Unmatched Robust, Invisible Activity Recording

Operating invisibly, record EVERYTHING your child or your employee does with SpyAgent's wide-array of 50+ computer monitoring features.

Real-time Remote Monitoring and Viewing

View activities in real-time from anywhere via your browser. Receive email reports and real-time alerts. Remotely uninstall from the cloud!

Refined and Easy To Use

SpyAgent turns 24 in 2024 which means we have had lots of time and feedback to make an extremely refined computer monitoring solution.

Benefits of Using SpyAgent

SpyAgent's unmatched all-seeing eye can bring an array of benefits to your family or business environment. With the ability to log all keystrokes, track web and program usage down to the second, and show you everything that has happened with screenshots, SpyAgent helps you learn the truth and put your mind at ease!

  • Monitor, Record, and Learn your child or employees' web and computer usage habits. Learn why they minimize or hide windows when you walk by.
  • Who is your child is talking to online? Are they giving out personal information to strangers? Keep a watchful eye on them and receive real-time alerts if they do.
  • Is your employee properly using company hours? Ensure they are, and also track file, email, and program usage to protect your business assets.
  • Ensure others are not accessing your computer while you are away - and see what they are doing if they do.
  • Keystroke & Password Logging
  • Website & Program Usage Logging
  • Screenshot, Webcam, & Mic Recording
  • Log Active & Idle Computer Usage
  • File Usage & Transfer Logging
  • Social Network, Chat, & Email Recording
  • Real-time Log Viewing from Anywhere, 24/7
  • Web & Program Filtering with Email Alerts
  • Remotely Uninstall & Change Settings
  • Graphical Top-10 Reports

Activity Logging Features

SpyAgent's main purpose is to record everything your child or employee does. Here's what it records.

Keystrokes and Passwords

SpyAgent's keylogger logs everything users type - including passwords.

Application Usage

Log what apps are ran, and for how long they are actually interacted with.

Website Usage & Searches

Log all visits and online searches, and see how long each page was visited.


Visual logging of everything done, played back in a convenient slideshow.

Microphone Audio

Record what is happening around your computer, as well as on it.

Webcam Images

Capture images from the webcam to see who is using your computer.

Social Activity, Emails & Chats

See all social network activity, email messages, and chat sessions.

Computer Usage Sessions

Track how long your computer is used, and how long users are active.

Events Timeline

A chronological timeline of everything that has happened on your computer.

Internet Activity

Log internet connections established, and even actual raw internet traffic data.

File Usage & Transfers

Log what files are used, copied, renamed, deleted, and even transferred.

Mouse Clicks

Log every mouse click action, along with where it was clicked.


Click on the screenshots below to view SpyAgent in action.

Main Interface

Keystrokes Log Viewer

Events Timeline

Website Usage Log Viewer

Application Usage Log Viewer

Activity Filtering

24/7 Cloud-based Log Viewing

Screenshot Logging

Beyond Activity Logging - More Features

SpyAgent is not just a full-featured computer monitoring solution; it's feature set goes above and beyond just monitoring and includes many more useful features - like comprehensive activity filtering, real-time behavior alerts, cloud access, smart logging, self-destruct uninstall, graphical log reports, and more!

Activity Filtering & Alerts

SpyAgent can block websites, chat clients, and applications used. It can alert you in real-time when filters are triggered, and when keywords are typed.

  • Block websites by category or keyword/URL
  • Block chat client usage
  • Block application usage
  • Receive real-time behavior alerts via email or text/sms
  • Receive real-time alerts when keywords are typed

Monitoring & Reporting

Activity triggered monitoring and screenshot captures provide flexible logging. SpyAgent's report generator provides useful Top-10 and 'Most Popular' reports.

  • Activate monitoring when an activity occurs
  • Increase screenshot capture rates when specific apps are used
  • Graphical Top-10 activity reports
  • Generate most popular activities reports
  • Monitoring & computer lockdown scheduling

Local & Remote Access

SpyAgent provides powerful built-in log viewers for local access and management, as well as cloud access and log deliveries via email and FTP for remote monitoring.

  • Real-time Log Viewing from Anywhere via our Secure Cloud Access
  • Built-in log viewers with filtering and search features
  • Instant log retrieval to portable drives
  • Cloud access for remote uninstall and updating settings
  • Delivery of activity logs via FTP

Why Choose SpyAgent

Besides being the most full-featured computer monitoring solution available, here are some more reasons to choose SpyAgent.

#1 Rated Computer Monitoring


#1 Rated Computer Monitoring


#1 Rated Keylogger and Computer
Spy Software


Spytech SpyAgent is a proven performer.

SpyAgent is developed and supported by Spytech Software, Inc., a Minnesota corporation. It was first introduced in early 2000 and was immediately a popular choice for computer monitoring needs. Years of listening to customer feedback and refinement has made SpyAgent into a world-class security solution that parents, families, schools, institutions, and corporations benefit from. SpyAgent has consistently proved to be a cutting-edge solution with its easy to use graphical user interface, innovative feature additions, and vigilant updates.

  • Over two decades of refinement and improvements
  • 200+ top awards from review websites and shareware/download websites
  • Millions of downloads worldwide
  • Customer experiences lead to innovation. We listen to you!

Spytech SpyAgent will continue to be a leading computer monitoring solution for many more years to come.

We will help you if you have a problem!

Should you have any questions or troubles with SpyAgent, Spytech is here to help you. Our 24/7 helpdesk can solve any technical problem you are having, as well as schedule remote assistance so we can quickly connect to your computer and set things up for you and ensure everything is working properly.

  • 24/7 online helpdesk
  • Free real-time remote assistance and installation service
  • Extensive product documentation
  • Self-help resources and installation guides

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of SpyAgent's commonly asked questions, and their answers.

SpyAgent is compatible with all versions of Windows NT, XP, 200x, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11. 64-bit computers are supported. SpyAgent can operate on older machines with as little as 512mb RAM and only needs 3mb of disk space for its installation. Windows running in S mode is not supported as it does not allow non-app store software to be installed.

For Mac and Android monitoring please check out our Realtime-Spy software here.

No - you must own the computer you want to monitor, or you must have the owner's permission if you are not the owner of the computer. Monitoring a computer you do not own without authorization is potentially against the law!

You can monitor one computer per license purchased. If you uninstall SpyAgent you can install on another computer you own and reuse the same license.

SpyAgent is not designed for remote installation. Our Realtime-Spy software is ideal for remote installation, however. To read more click here.

Absolutely not, and no. Your purchase is a one-time charge that allows you to use SpyAgent as long as you wish. There are never any recurring charges to continue using SpyAgent, and you get minor updates for free as long as you are using SpyAgent. (Major version updates are available at a heavily discounted rate for current customers). Our Remote Spy Suite, which includes our SpyAnywhere Cloud service, is $19.95 to renew after a year of usage, however the SpyAgent software license will never expire.

SpyAgent runs invisibly when installed in stealth mode - it does not show up on the desktop, task bar, task manager, or start menu. SpyAgent can even hide its program install and log folders so that others cannot stumble upon them. SpyAgent is designed to use minimal resources so it does not impact the performance of your computer.

Yes, all web-browsing activity is recorded, including websites visited when the browser is running in Incognito and Private browsing modes. Incognito/private website visits are also denoted in the activity logs so you can easily tell when visits are performed in these browsing modes.

Orders purchased via Credit Card or PayPal can be downloaded immediately once your payment is made. Orders purchased with cryptocurrency via Coinbase are manually processed and will have a slight delay after payment is confirmed, and you will be sent download information once your order is processed. If we are closed due to a holiday crypto orders are processed immediately the next day we are open.

We are positive you will be satisfied with SpyAgent's operation. If you have troubles with SpyAgent that we are unable to resolve for you within 15 days of your purchase we will give you your money back!

Get Started

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Step 1


Download SpyAgent's installation software to your computer. Your download is available immediately after purchasing from our secure website.

Step 2

Install & Choose Settings

Run SpyAgent's installer on the computer you want to monitor and customize your monitoring options to suit your needs.

Step 3

Monitor & View!

Start monitoring your computer. View all recorded activities by accessing SpyAgent on the monitored computer, or remotely via our cloud website.

Start Monitoring Today!

SpyAgent downloads and installs in under 5 minutes. Let us do it for you with our free remote install service, too!

Spytech SpyAgent


Our award-winning computer monitoring software for the last 24 years, SpyAgent installs in just minutes and allows you to record everything that happens on your computer.

  • Comprehensive Activity Logging
  • Invisible Stealth Operation
  • Email Log Delivery and Alerts
  • Lifetime License (use SpyAgent for life!)
  • Add Cloud Access Anytime
  • Step-by-Step Installation Process
  • Download Available Immediately

Spytech SpyAgent Stealth Edition


The Stealth Edition installer installs SpyAgent 'hands free' in less than 10 seconds and starts monitoring in optimized stealth mode instantly. You can fine-tune settings afterwards, if desired.

  • Comprehensive Activity Logging
  • Invisible Stealth Operation
  • Email Log Delivery and Alerts
  • Lifetime License (use SpyAgent for life!)
  • Add Cloud Access Anytime
  • Instant Stealth Installation
  • Download Available Immediately

No Risk return policy, no hidden fees, and 24/7 support is always free (including remote assistance and installation).